Do. Dez 7th, 2023


  • Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal has launched a new web3 fellowship program which offers entrepreneurs funds and other benefits.
  • The Nailwal Fellowship will invest $50,000 in ten individuals for a year to bring the brightest minds to the blockchain industry.
  • In addition to capital, recipients of the Fellowship will receive mentorship, tools for connecting with top founders & investors, and the ability to raise funding.


Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon – one of the most popular blockchains in the crypto industry – has announced his Web3 fellowship program. The program is funded by his personal capital and provides $50,000 in investment for 10 individuals over a year. In addition to capital, fellows will receive mentorship, tools for connecting with top founders & investors, and opportunities to raise additional funding. This initiative is part of Nailwal’s mission to bring more bright minds into the blockchain industry.


Nailwal comes from a humble background; he grew up in Jamna-Paar Delhi as son of a poor day-to-day worker who had migrated from a peasant family. He worked hard as an adult just to make ends meet without having much time or opportunity to pursue his real dreams or build something meaningful. Now that he’s reached success in his career, he wants to give back by helping others achieve their dreams through this new fellowship program.

What It Offers

The Nailwal Fellowship offers financial support as well as other benefits such as weekly mentorship sessions and access to important networks like top founders & investors. These resources can help fellows jumpstart their own projects or businesses while also gaining invaluable knowledge along the way. Furthermore, if any company is started as a result of this fellowship program then there are opportunities available for additional funding if needed.


Nailwal’s Web3 Fellowship Program is designed to help those who have limited means or resources get started on their journey towards success in building meaningful projects within the blockchain space. With both financial support and access to important networks provided through this initiative it can greatly increase one’s chances at achieving their goals in this ever-growing field.

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